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We have decide to re-publish this, one of our previous website pages, as a testimony of our experience with
This new page is about keeping the internet honest.

Ripoff Report is a well known extortion-racket website "ripoffreport".
If someone, ANYONE posts ANYTHING about you or your business, you, as the business owner must pay thousands to be removed… out and out extortion.

We at
Vacation Rental Finger Lakes refuse to be extorted by this illegal organization.

Please follow these links below to protect legitimate businesses out there.

Feel free to call me to learn more about and or schedule a tour of our gorgeous property for your upcoming event, stay or wedding for 2016 - 2018.
Call us directly to help keep the internet honest and turn lemons into lemonade :)

Thank you for being understanding, for not being gullible and for taking a few minutes to follow the links below.

Vacation Rental Finger Lakes
(Formerly Finger Lakes Guesthouse, we changed the name because of confusion over what a guesthouse is.)
(We are now using the site to promote our wedding and event venues)

Rip off report relevant links:

The BBB hates them

Wikipedia tells the truth

RipoffReport’s Scumbag Owner

Hundreds of other Victims on Youtube

This is the Scumbag owner of RipOffReport.
You can’t sue or even interview him…
because you can’t find him.
A striking resemblance to Jabba the Hut?
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Has your business been extorted by this man?
Call us and join our ranks of those that are fighting back!